Last night I went to bed at 7 pm and woke up around 2 am. I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (and cried my eyes out at the end of it <3) and then fell asleep again. My mother just came to wake me up. It's 3 pm.


Stupid chronic fatigue.

But Christmas was lovely! And I had a dream that the girls and Woot and I moved into a new flat (I don't know why...) and it was haunted by these protective ghosts. And there was a stream in the backyard. And the kitchen was awesome. But you know, I AM rather partial to the LFoD so I don't know why I keep dreaming that the girls and Woot and I go apartment hunting. I think it's just because I like buildings.

I blame No. Really.

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Foxtons is darn awesome.

Our new dream apartment had this weird bunk room that Ali had. Because I was going to have a hanging thing in Woot's room but then I couldn't climb into it. So I took a room in the front and I had all worked out how I was going to decorate it. So now I'm sad I can't do the decorating!

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OH AND I GOT THE BEST THINGS FOR OUR KITCHEN FOR CHRISTMAS! One of them means we will never have to dice vegetables again. Really. And my mommy knitted hotpads and dishcloths and things!

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Oh shit. Please repeat the above gif a few more times. UNF. I will throw girls at him!

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If you didn't pay for your account, you might want to check that LJ didn't turn on your auto payments without you authorising them. That happened to a couple people and it looks to me like your account is paid!

Of course if you did that on purpose, ignore me!

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I am indeed not kidding. That could be the reason it was saying your icons were active!

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Okay, it doesn't look like automatic payments are back on, but it says my account is paid until the 7th Jan. Not sure why... I think I may have got an email about lj giving two weeks free upgrade or something? Maybe it's that.

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OH THAT MAKES SENSE TOO! I'm glad it's that and not nefarious payments being turned on.

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Me too! I would have been PISSED OFF.

Cassanova = SUCH hotness. Basically, I want all my girls to hit that. ...I need a Tricia Helfer shaped character ;)


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