The LFoD is a wonderful house full of slightly insane people and a truly insane feline. Said feline will leap around the room in seconds, sprint through the living room and jump off the couch ala The Matrix and then roll on the ground and demand pets. She's adorable, slightly demented, and not all that brilliantly bright. She had a treat on her leg for twenty minutes today and didn't notice it. But she's my darling. And yesterday Alison showed me a comic that reminded me of her so much.

That face in the final frame is SO Ariadne! Wolveradne!

And that's my cray-cray girl!

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That's her Wolveradne face.

I like how me replying to this comment meant she abandoned me. She was keeping my chest warm. Awwww :(

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I might swear in German and Alina will know how rude I am being OH NOES!

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Who's a cute little kitty? Who is it? It's you! YOU'RE A CUTE LITTLE KITTY! *wuffles her*

That comic is adorable, also.

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She's aware of it, but that makes her even cuter :D And then she's crazy and it's hilarious!

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I love her! She's ridiculously clingy now too because we all went away and left her with BOYS! Lovely boys, but she missed us.


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