Tried to play fetch with Echo today but she just stared at me like I was insane and then chased the soda lid I had thrown for her underneath the bookcase. Little scrapper.

Helios got into something ashy because he came inside yesterday with black paws. And he is a delicate-peach-coloured boy with bright white paws. So something was up there! He had a smudge on his nose too. Adorable! His paws are grey now and I think he needs a bath.

As for Ariadne, she curled up on my pillow last night and then inserted her tail into my mouth as I was cooing at her and telling her how adorable she is. Thanks, girl.

In non-cat news, Good Friday dinner was awesome and I made key lime pie. The recipe was super-easy and it turned out really nicely! I might put a little more lime in it next time, but it was delicious! And Alison roasted chickens and we played Drawception and it was pretty brilliant. Hurrah.

Then there was an aftershock, but I'm going to pretend I didn't notice.
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