To my gorgeous Darker Londonites!

This is a post of complete and utter love for all of you. YOU ARE AMAZING. I am so lucky to be involved with such creative and talented writers. I am awestruck with glee (and horror!) at the plots and stories that happen here and I am so glad we made this little corner of London to play it. It's everything I ever could have wanted in an RP.

I ADORE ALL OF YOU. You've got mad skills. I can't even properly express how happy Darker London makes me.

We've been going strong since June 30th 2006 now and every single time I log on there's always new things for me to read! Journal posts, and scenes, and happy OOC posts of awesome. Almost three years down the track and more than 6000 posted scenes (!!!) and I see no end in sight any time soon.

Thank you, guys. YOU ROCK (my socks)

~ ♥ ~

Ironic that this lovey post is from Jude's account, oui?


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