My step-father is awesome. He walked into the room holding this bowl of pumpkin pie innards I baked and said, "are these punkin guts for eatin'?" He was also reading the clouds to me yesterday. They were long and streaky and he was all "Those are lenticular clouds. It means there are mighty high winds around the tops of those peaks there. If you were flying a small aircraft you'd want to stay away from those clouds." He likes unleashing some of his pilot-fu. Like when we drive across the state and he points out fields he landed his plane in. It's kind of hilarious.

ANYWAY it's blizzarding here now, wheee! SNOWING SIDEWAYS! Also I am hyper. I haven't had energy since I've been here and all of a sudden YAHOOOOOOO ENERGY!

My poor mother has to deal with me *snickers* Also Simon but you see, that is voluntary.

Yesterday I got Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. It's translated into English which is sad, but it was two bucks at a thrift store. And it's Rainer Maria Rilke. Who could write a grocery list down and I would read it with glee.

Oh and I watched more Doctor Who and I now believe if they don't let David Tennant light the torch for the 2012 Olympic games in London, I will be very, very upset!
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