I was reading my usual Irish news online site which is more Irish-American than actually Irish. I read it for roleplay, shut up. But anyway I stumbled across an article that made me smile.

They are doing an exhibit of Irish immigration to Montana in Cork!

Now my family immigrated to New York, but my step-father's family is also Irish and they immigrated to Anaconda. Most of them then moved to Helena, but I think this is awesome. Especially since one of the US' biggest St Patrick's Day parades is in Butte, Montana because it was a major Irish settlement. It's in the middle of buttfuck nowhere but goddammit, they drink green beer and have street fights on March 17th. No. Really. Every year they arrest huge amounts of people for being idiots after the parade and too much drinking. It even has a mention on wiki on the Saint Patrick's Day PAGE.

Anyway, I just thought this was really awesome. Montana gets overlooked a lot because hardly anyone lives there. Hell, some Americans don't even know where it is despite the fact that it is the 4th largest state. It's the size of GERMANY. Makes me happy.

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I know where Montana is! Then again I liked history. Now days kids think were connected to Africa because the don't learn.

That's pretty cool tho and I like when you post little tidbits in your history. My great grandfather immigrated from Denmark. Which I find fascinating.

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I love history! It's my favourite :D

And Denmark is awesome!

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I will never forget Lewis' reaction when we were in Montana and we passed a sign indication the direction to Butte. He like...did a spit take. It was awesome :D


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