It's my birthday, hurrah!

Izzy is over and we just watched two series of IT Crowd. I think it fried my brain a little, but hey it's all good! Now we are lying around and watching Easy A. I love Emma Stone soooo much.

It's been a while but I want to start posting here again more, even if LJ is such a bitch.

A while back my computer's LCD screen was broken, but it's finally getting fixed and I am so excited. I am so sick of using this tiny thing. It is unfun to type on! And I miss my Sims. It should be ready soon. And on Monday we are going to Drexel's for birthday breakfast and I am excited. Drexel's is amaaazing.

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I am glad you're back on IJ. I need to post more too! I've neglected this little thing!
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Happy birthday!!


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who is Izzy and who is Drexel fill me in!

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Izzy is a friend of Leah and Ali's who I inherited as well! She's awesome and she loves Star Wars too so I finally have SOMEONE I can fangirl with here :D

And Drexel's is a breakfast restaurant in Christchurch which is amazing and I love it so we have birthday breakfast there :D


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